CareFlow EPR is reintroduced by System C

System C has recently launched its new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solution at its health and care conference, marking a significant step forward in digital healthcare. The revamped CareFlow EPR is a comprehensive patient record solution that seamlessly integrates patient administration, clinical operations, maternity and neonatal capability, pharmacy, and prescribing functions.

This innovative EPR system is designed with cutting-edge features that cover the entire patient journey. Powered by a cloud-first, mobile-enabled, and AI-ready architecture, it ensures that crucial data is securely accessible to the appropriate care professionals at the right time and place. This accessibility allows professionals to navigate every aspect of the patient’s healthcare journey efficiently.

System C CEO Nick Wilson emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting the digital maturity ambitions of health and social care sectors. The development of the new EPR system aims to deliver productivity gains while focusing resources on patient care. The enhanced system offers new workflows and mobile capabilities to enhance multi-disciplinary collaboration and optimize care delivery at the bedside.

One of the key features of the new CareFlow EPR is the single patient view, which integrates population health data with direct care information to minimize waiting times. This feature provides access to GP and social care data within the EPR system, fostering seamless data sharing across different care settings.

The user experience has been significantly improved with an enhanced interface and usability refinements to drive user adoption among over 700,000 NHS and social care service users. The updated system offers a cohesive look and feel across all functionalities, making it easier to use and navigate for better decision-making.

System C has also introduced a rapid deployment program to facilitate clinical adoption and accelerate time-to-value for customers. The program aims to support users in leveraging the new system effectively and reaping the benefits of improved workflows and enhanced user experience.

The rollout of the new CareFlow EPR to System C customers is set to commence from mid-July, bringing advanced digital healthcare solutions to the forefront of patient care.

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