Branded vs. Generic

Consumers’ choices in food and drink selection are influenced by a multitude of factors, including taste, dietary preferences, health concerns, cultural aspects, habit, mood, and price. Another key decision that consumers face today is whether to opt for branded items or generic products when making purchases.

A recent survey conducted by YouGov across 17 international markets delved into this dilemma, asking consumers about their preferences between branded and generic food and drink items. The polling data revealed that 46% of consumers tend to purchase both branded and generic food and drink items in equal measure.

Further analysis of the survey data indicated that 23% of consumers mostly stick to name-brand food products, while another 23% prefer generic items. This highlights a fairly even split among consumers when it comes to their preferences in food and drink choices.

Overall, the survey underscores the diverse and nuanced decision-making process that consumers engage in when it comes to selecting between branded and generic food and drink items. While taste, health, and price may play pivotal roles, the choice between branded and generic products remains a significant factor in the purchasing decisions of consumers across various global markets.

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