Artists from Borneo and CelcomDigi Create Music from Plant Vibrations

As the Gawai and Kaamatan festivals approach, CelcomDigi’s One Team – NagaDDB Tribal and M&C Saatchi – sought to honor the land and its importance in providing bountiful rice harvests. In a stunning docu-film, the symbiotic relationship between the land and its people is explored, emphasizing a connection beyond human interactions.

Featuring Sape musician Alena Murang, music producer Joshua Maran, and Sundatang revivalist Gindung, the narrative follows their journey to create a music project that celebrates their roots. Filmmaker Sarah Lois Dorai chronicles this artistic endeavor in hopes of reminding Malaysians of their ties to mother nature and the significance of respecting the land.

One unique aspect of the project is the use of sonification technology, which transforms plant vibrations into sound waves. The musicians combined these natural sounds with modern and traditional instruments to create a mesmerizing melody that serves as a tribute to nature.

Chief Creative Officer of the One Team, Alvin Teoh, expressed the team’s desire for audiences to appreciate the interconnectedness of all living things and shift towards becoming responsible custodians of the land. This sentiment aligns with CelcomDigi’s commitment to sustainability as a telco-tech company.

With visually striking scenes and a carefully curated soundtrack, this festive film not only celebrates the upcoming Harvest Festival but also emphasizes the importance of respecting and caring for the land. CelcomDigi, alongside NagaDDB Tribal and M&C Saatchi, extends warm wishes to all Malaysians for a joyous Harvest Festival. Gayu guru gerai nyamai. Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan.

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