AIHA Connect Closing Session in 2024 Promotes Innovation with Neuroscience

AIHA Connect 2024, the annual conference hosted by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), concluded on May 22 with a closing session that delved into the science behind innovation. Dr. Helena Boschi, an applied neuroscience psychologist, led the session titled “The Neuroscience of Innovation – and How to Develop New Insights,” offering attendees insights on enhancing cognitive agility and creative thinking through neuroscience.

During the session, Dr. Boschi discussed how our brains manage sensory information and the limitations of our attentional systems in guiding perception and focus. She challenged participants to embrace divergent and exploratory thinking to foster innovation, encouraging them to move beyond their usual perspectives shaped by individual areas of expertise.

Dr. Boschi’s work focuses on brain behavior, emotional and rational neural networks, and cognitive enhancement, drawing on over 25 years of experience in organizational behavior, leadership, and talent management. Her emphasis on questioning norms and pushing boundaries to generate new ideas, even in a professional setting, perfectly encapsulated the theme of AIHA Connect 2024.

The event aims to provide attendees with new ways to excel and enhance their ability to drive change. For more information on AIHA Connect 2024, including the full program, visit the event’s website.

About the Author: Robert Yaniz Jr. is the Content Editor of Occupational Health & Safety.

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