AI Boost Coming to Opera Browsers with Gemini

Opera has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Google to enhance its Opera One browser with the power of AI. This collaboration will integrate Google’s Gemini models within Opera’s Aria Browser AI, providing users with the most up-to-date information and high performance browsing experience.

Although Opera One already features Aria Browser AI, the inclusion of Gemini models will take it to the next level. This joint effort aims to leverage generative AI to enhance Opera’s suite of browser AI services. Per Wetterdal, EVP Partnerships at Opera, expressed excitement about deepening the collaboration with Google in the field of AI after over 20 years of cooperation.

With this integration, users can expect cutting-edge capabilities such as free image generation using the Imagen 2 model on Vertex AI. Additionally, Opera AI will now have the ability to read out responses in a conversational manner, thanks to Google’s text-to-audio model.

This strategic partnership between Opera and Google is set to revolutionize the browsing experience for Opera One users, providing them with advanced AI-powered features and performance enhancements.

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